The True Cost of a Financial Advisor, Revealed

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In a society where people turn to social media for help deciding between paint colors, it’s unthinkable that so many of us continue to entrust our financial futures to... ourselves.

According to a Fidelity Study, financial advice can add between 1.5% and 4% to account growth over extended periods.1

So, why do some Americans continue to walk the financial road alone?

For some, the excuse is the false assumption that they can’t afford it. In actuality, the fees financial advisors charge are often less than most people think, and the insights they add often surpass an advisor's cost.

The truth is, financial advisors often charge a percentage fee for Assets Under Management (AUM) of between 0.59 - 1.18%. A 2021 AdvisoryHQ study found that the average AUM fee for a $50,000 account was about 1.18% or $590.2

But for many other Americans, the reason they’ve never enlisted the help of a financial advisor is they simply don’t know where to find one, or how to evaluate their proficiency and pricing.

That’s why we created a free quiz to help Americans find qualified vetted financial advisors.

This quiz asks you some questions, then matches you with three fiduciary financial advisors. You can compare your advisor matches based on their specialty, pricing, and more. You even earn a free consultation with each of your matches, so you can compare them and be fully prepared to pick a financial advisor.

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